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Jaggery Powder

Jaggery Powder is made by concentrating the wholesome richness of sugarcane juice after removing the impurities from the resulting syrup; the nutrients of the natural sugarcane juice make it a healthy and natural sweetener.

Jaggery powder a golden-brown delicacy that is rich in natural minerals, very nutritious, and a healthier alternative to processed sugar and artificial sweeteners.

It is sometimes referred to as "medicinal sugar" and is the highest quality Jaggery Powder available, both nutritionally and visually. It is prepared from naturally cultivated sugarcane and contains no chemical additives. Amrut Jaggery Powder has a distinct flavour and a delectable sweetness to it.

So take a bite out of this naturally sweet delicacy. Makes healthy snack dishes, desserts, and sweets, as well as adding flavour to tea, coffee, and other beverages.


Health Benefits of Jaggery Powder

Even in these times of exotic chocolates & candies, our age-old traditional Gur or Jaggery remains a popular choice in most homes. Concentrating the rich & wholesome sugarcane juice makes Jaggery. In the manufacture process, only the impurities are removed and all the nutrients that would normally be present in the sugarcane juice are retained, making it a very healthful product.

  • Rich in mineral salts

  • Effective for throat and lung infections

  • It increases Hemoglobin level in blood.

  • Easily dissolved and balances the deficiency of sugar level

  • Easy to digest

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