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Kakavi, Liquid Jaggery, Sugarcane Syrup, Kaakavi, Jaggery Liquid
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Liquid Jaggery - Kaakavi

Liquid Jaggery is widely known as Indian Golden Syrup as well Indian substitute for Maple Syrup. The product obtained from the concentrating sugar cane juice after clarification. It is semi-liquid and is also known as sugarcane juice concentrate or Sugarcane syrup.

It is the cocktail of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that make Kaakavi the therapeutic powerhouse it is known to be, stimulating the immune and digestive systems. Its inherent sweetness delivers sustained energy for a long time. Amrut Liquid Jaggery is less processed and more nutritious than other types of jaggery.


Health Benefits

  • Jaggery is full of minerals and antioxidants.

  • Natural jaggery is effective in purifying the blood and lungs of impurities.

  • The potassium content in jaggery helps maintain a balance of electrolytes. This is particularly essential for leading an active lifestyle.

  • Jaggery is good for digestion and gut health,assists in right secretion of gastric juices.

  • Jaggery acts as a fuel and allows for an even release of energy 

Serving Suggestions & Uses:

  •  Sweetener for hot drinks - Hot chocolate, coffee or tea, try a spoonful of this liquid jaggery for natural sweetness.

  • Sweetener for shakes & smoothies - Blend it into shakes and smoothies for some extra sweetness.

  • Sweetener for Indian snacks & sweets - Making a traditional Indian sweet or snack? Liquid jaggery gives a fantastic flavor.

  • To sweeten your morning cereal or oats - Get a great start to your day by avoiding processed sugar.

  • Spread - Spread it on toast, parantha or on pancakes for a slight touch of sweetness.

  • In Baking & Desserts - Thinking of how to make it useful for baking? Turn your thoughts to desserts, cakes and sweet breads – banana, pumpkin or sweet buns.

  • Curry, sauce, dressingWhatever the cuisine, liquid jaggery can be used to add a bit of sweetness and fusion taste to curries, sauces and salad dressings, too.

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