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  • Delicious and highly nutritive variety of sugarcane grown in the fertile land of Maharashtra.  

  • The sugarcane is then harvested at proper maturity stage.  

  • The harvested sugarcane are then passed through Cyder to obtain fresh juice .  

  • This fresh juice is then traditionally cooked over baggase fire until it solidified.  

  • No preservative no chemicals no additives no sugar no colour added. 

  • Natural jaggery is then packed carefully and hygienically to serve a sweet indulgence. 

Procedure of Jaggery Making

      The process of making jaggery begins with crushing sugarcane with a crusher and extracting the juice. It is then placed into a shallow but thick iron vessel/pan and allowed to boil over earthen ovens. To keep it from adhering to the bottom of the vessel, it is constantly stirred using huge ladles. This heating and stirring continues for hours, until most of the water in the juices has evaporated and the juice begins to thicken as the sugar concentration rises. 

      It gradually gets extremely saturated and thickens into a golden to golden brown paste. Now, deciding when the jaggery is done requires a lot of skill, because any underdoing or overdoing might ruin the flavour. After cooling, it is poured into small to medium-sized iron or aluminium cans, where jaggery blocks are created. The weight of the blocks can range from 1 to 10 kilogrammes. These blocks are finally packed. 

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