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Natural Jaggery Bites are a healthier and nutrient rich alternative to sugar as it is a pure, wholesome, traditional Jaggery extracted from the best quality natural sugarcane and are free from added preservatives or chemicals.


Amrut jaggery has natural taste and sweetness giving your taste buds a soul stirring experience.

Jaggery (Gur) also helps in boosting the immune system, Healthy, tasty and rich source of iron and minerals and Healthy source of carbohydrates. Enjoy your favorites jaggery in easy and conveniently shaped cubes. Enrich yourself with all the goodness of jaggery as easy to use cubes.

Health Benefits:

  • Jaggery helps Reduce body heat

  • Increases haemoglobin

  • Blood Purifier

  • Prevents Anaemia

  • High Iron and Mineral rich

Natual Jaggery Cubes

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